What is a raw data recovery process?

Dec 23

What is a raw data recovery process?




Introduction: One of the major issues of problem that could occur within your PCs is the problem with storage device itself. Sometimes your computer may prevent you to operate from important data. This problem occurs due to many reasons such as, registry damage, Trojan attack, virus attack and many other primary hard device partitions many become RAW.


Above things can be also creates problems with your External hard drive due to which it becomes RAW files. Once the external or internal hard drive becomes raw files you will not be able to access those files. The issue can be fixed but there is lot of risk involves deleting permanently data from your computer. Below you can file the process of how to recover data from raw drive. Step wise step process will provide brief knowledge, through which you can recover your data from raw drive.


Some are very messages that can appears when drive become raw such as, the type of the file system is raw, windows is unable to access the disk, external hard drive is not recognised, Chkdsk is not available for the raw drives. These are the very common messages when your external or internal derive become the raw.


Why your external or internal drive became RAW? There are various reasons such as, installing third party or malicious programs or bad handling file system can make your drive RAW files.


How to recovers RAW files: The below given process will guide you that how to recover raw hard drive and data recovery partitions. Apart from this you can also preview the resorted files in a very short span of time. Data recovery tool is becoming very important in each sector. Raw recovery tool is restored the last resorts if the drive is heavily corrupted.


 After installing the software you need to open by clicking on the main interface “drive recovery”

 Click on volume to recover data section which will display a list of volumes in computer

 Pick the right volume in the recovery list and then click on Raw recovery on the flying pane

 You can click on file list which is given listed below raw recovery and select the desired file for which the scan will be performed

 The tool will begin the scanning on the selected volume and recovered files in a classical tree group by file types

 Click on the file which you want to recover by marking check boxes

 On your computer screen the select destination dialog box will appears.

 Provide the destination path and click on OK button

 Files will saved by software to the specified location



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Dec 15





This is an award that is give to 100 companies who show an achievement in IT innovation. It is an award that is given every year which helps in the demonstration of excellence and achievement in these companies. One of the very great and motivating awards there is for these companies out there. This is usually a symposium that looks into how to develop, implement and capitalize on innovations that have their basis on IT. This is a session that helps people come up with more ideas on how to keep moving forward in their industry and have more innovations at the same time recognizing the hard work of those who have made it in this field


How it is

Each year there is a 2 day symposium that is attended by very many business people including many C.E.Os. All these people attend because of the fact that they are discussions on how to improve various aspects of life through IT such as customer services. All this is discussed then the way forward for this industry identified. After there the heads present the best 100 companies a token of congratulations for their great work. This ward works to encourage the people to work harder.


Now in its sixth year, this event has been held in different areas of the world. It focuses on companies world-wide that wish to improve and work harder on what they are doing.


How the winners are selected

The process of selecting the top 100 is not easy. There is a lot of effort that goes there. This is a very systematic and competitive process. This is because every single company is working to ensure they have done their job very well and are look for how they can be on that list. It is a very honorary list. These companies that are included in this list and the competition are companies that use IT for various purposes such as providing services or in other innovative ways. This therefore makes one eligible for such and able to participate.


Advantages of this

The future of the world is determined by the level of IT there is. Every single day there is a new innovation that will be helpful to man. Having these things advance the world of IT is very important because that is what many people look for.


The development of the CIO 100 is a very great idea as these innovations that have stemmed from this have become some of the most important aspects in the world. The businesses still want more innovations and having this award helps encourage people to do more.



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Saving Money in Computer Repair

Nov 30

images-2Even in the computer repairbusiness, you have to be careful and avoid scams. There are plenty of computer repair shops who would try to overcharge you for something that you can basically do yourself. For somebody who has never opened their framework’s case, thinking about a RAM, hard drive, or design card redesign can be something that would stress you out, and you might think that it is better to contact an expert to do it for you, even if you have to pay more money in the long run. There is nothing wrong with looking for a specialist’s assistance in overhauling a PC’s interior segments. Simply don’t give the repair shop a chance to gouge you.

Things to Know about Saving Money in Computer Repair

downloadWhile anybody should, at any rate, consider putting in new RAM all alone, in case you are unable to do it yourself, the most you should pay for such an administration is about twenty dollars. Obviously, many real shops now charge a level rate of sixty dollars for any part establishment, so a two-minute RAM establishment will cost as much as a twenty-minute design card establishment. The greatest thing to look for with equipment updates is overrated equipment. Before you go down to the shop, check costs online for the equipment you’re purchasing.

For example, 4GB of RAM shouldn’t cost more than seventy dollars, and 8GB goes for under one hundred and fifty dollars. So when you see a store charging six hundred dollars for an 8GB RAM update, you’d do well to search around somewhat more. All in all, the matter of computer repair and equipment can become expensive really quickly, especially if you are unfortunate enough to bump into a computer repair shop that tries to trick you. Just make sure to get a price quote from no less than three companies.

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The Importance of PC

Nov 30

download-2With the development of technology, PCs are becoming more and more important for maintaining an effective business. Regardless of the possibility that a PC framework is down only for a brief timeframe, it can conceivably make real issues for a business. That is the reason why if your PC is not working appropriately, then you should contact a PC repair master as quickly as time permits. There is an assortment of things that can bring about a PC to breakdown. Infections are a standout amongst the most widely recognized reasons for a PC breakdown.

Understanding the Importance of PC

images-14A more established PC is probably going to endure issues essentially on account of its age. Also, in the event that you have a great deal of applications introduced on your PC, then this can make it glitch. Numerous applications can overpower the equipment or working framework. Applications can likewise rival each other, which can cause issues to the PC. On the off chance that you need PC repair, then you ought to contact an expert in the matter of computer repair. The experts understand that it can be exceptionally costly to supplant hardware. That is the reason why they will give it their best shot to alter the gear. The specialists will likewise perform redesigns if vital. On the other hand, not all computer repair experts are so dependable.

You need a supplier of computer repair administration that is both quick and productive. Our reliance towards innovation is expanding step by step. Indeed, even a minor issue in the working framework upsets our life and hampers our work. With the advancement of new innovation, there likewise comes numerous specialized issues, for example, infection, spyware assaults on the working framework, systems issues, and equipment problems. In this way, the need for a dependable computer repair expert needs to be fulfilled.

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Computer Repair Expertise

Nov 30

images-15The need for computers has never been higher in our life. With the fundamental utilization of PCs in our everyday lives, we cannot envision experiencing an issue that will abandon us without our PCs. Be that as it may, because of the hectic way of life, it is unrealistic for us to go to a PC company each time and get the framework repaired, abandoning your days without a PC. Seeing today’s need, there are numerous effective and quick troubleshooters accessible online that will take care of your issue in a small amount of time.

Understanding Computer Repair Expertise

On the other hand, in case the problem is major and out of your hand, rather than using these troubleshooting tools, you should contact a computer repairexpert immediately. A large portion of us doesn’t comprehend the requirement for expert PC repair administrations and attempt to take care of the framework related issue on our own. On the other hand, this can cause the problem to become worse in case you are not prepared to handle it well.

images-16Rather than trying to take care of it yourself, you would be better off enlisting the help of computer repair experts that specialize in IT administrations like system establishment and arrangement, infection and spyware expulsion, equipment repair, issues identified with website advancement and presentation, realistic planning, firewall and email security setup, windows OS establishment, information reinforcement and recuperation, as well as instructional exercises to representatives for tackling little issues in-house. These are a portion of the administrations offered by the administration suppliers. Before contracting any of the online PC repair administrations, it is essential to check the different sorts of administrations offered by them and make sure to pick one that suits your needs best. This way, you can be sure about the computer repair job quality.


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